Rabbi Seth M. Limmer, DHL

Listening.  Supporting.  Leading.

Problem solving

It’s what I’ve done with most of my time,

the past two decades, leading congregations. 

How to help people in times of crisis.

How to help people find answers in moments of opportunity.

  How to do more with less. 

How to have impact beyond our weight.

How to connect deeply in a time of greater apathy.

How to get it all on a crammed calendar.

How to align our everyday work with the larger sense of purpose in our lives.

How can we work together to solve your problems?

Transformational Change Agent

Nationally and locally, I have spent my career working for meaningful, sustained change. 

Spearheading a partnership between the NAACP and the Central Conference of American Rabbis around 2015’s America’s Journey for Justice, I galvanized the participation of over 200 Rabbis in a 40-day march from Selma to Washington, structured the effort to effect long-standing individual and institutional commitment to Racial Justice, and ultimately helped see to the success of national efforts on Reparations policy (2019) and deep DEI work (2021).  

Serving as Senior Rabbi of Chicago Sinai Congregation, I spearheaded our work  to restore the mission of this legacy institution to its founding principles of excellence and impact in the arenas of social justice, interfaith efforts, and creating meaningful modern lives of meaning.


Bridge Builder

Throughout my career, I have worked to unite people across lines of race, class, and color. 

From helping to found Westchester United, an interfaith  IAF community organization, to Co-Chairing the Jenner Ogden Steering Committee, I have worked to bring together community leaders, clergy, philanthropists, government agents, and the business community to harness shared resources, focus core commitments, and achieve demonstrable results.

Notably in Chicago, I founded Open Judaism, dedicated to bringing the Jewish community into intentionally multi-faith partnerships to advance the common cause of a world repaired.



Trained as a community organizer, I’ve learned that listening is the first step in creating a realistic strategy to reach shared goals; then creative thinking is required to maximize resources and achieve desired outcomes.

Working with the senior leadership of the IL Department of Human Rights, we developed a strategy to resuscitate the dormant Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes in a fashion that not only allowed us to achieve needed regulatory and administrative goals, but also to create new opportunities to counter White Supremacy in Illinois

Within the Central Conference of American Rabbis, I initiated a listening campaign and heard from Rabbis that Social Justice was increasingly marginalized in their work. To address this concern, we created “Rabbis Organizing Rabbis” as a sustained five-year strategy that successfully moved justice back to the center of the Reform Movement and the Reform Rabbinate.


Leading Voice

Knowing how to use one’s voice to further institutional mission and deepen commitment to core concerns is an expertise I continue to hone.  The essential element of all communication is transforming complicated issues into simple language: whether advocating public policy or translating ancient ways for a modern audience, 

I have learned that of greater importance than any public platform is the capacity to share important messages in ways that they might be heard, considered, adopted, and advanced. 

My efforts in traditional media (books, newspapers, radio, television) combined with work in emerging technologies (podcasts, blogs, web-based videos) has led to mine becoming a respected voice locally and nationally.

Rabbi Seth M. Limmer, DHL, is the founder of RePair Consulting, committed to helping individuals, families, and institutions advance their goals and repair the world.  During his rabbinate he has served as chair of the Justice, Peace & Civil Liberties of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, as vice-chair of the URJ’s Commission on Social Action, as dean of faculty for Eisner and Crane Lake Camps, as adjunct professor at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and Vice President of Leadership of the CCAR. On behalf of his lead role in organizing the Reform Movement’s participation in the NAACP’s 2015 America’s Journey for Justice, Rabbi Limmer accepted the Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath Bearer of Light Award, the highest honor of the URJ. Author of many articles, 2016 saw the publication of his first full-length book, Medieval Midrash: The House for Inspired Innovation.  Rabbi Limmer also served as co-editor of Moral Resistance and Spiritual Authority, published by CCAR Press in 2018.  Author of many articles and essays, his recent “Trapped in Translation” published in Tablet Magazine was highlighted in the magazine’s special “End of the Year” issue as the featured article on contemporary religious thought. In 2021, Rabbi Limmer was appointed to serve on the Illinois State Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes, and was a founding member of the Faith Leader Social Justice Advisory Committee to the Mayor of Chicago.  Rabbi Limmer has served as Senior Rabbi of Chicago Sinai Congregation and Congregation B’nai Yisrael of Armonk, NY,