RePair Your Sense of Self:

Life Coaching & Goal Creation

Many of us start out with something to prove.

An idea.  

An ego.

An identity we want the world to see.

Then, we start to build.

Families.  Companies. Networks. Our own little world in which we live,

in which we know our place.

And then, sometimes, we wonder if that place is the right one for us.

Maybe we have nothing left to prove, an wonder what we should be doing with out time.

Maybe we have something left to prove, but feel the weight of obligations to many others.

Maybe a new passion has been ignited in us, a new idea sparked,

and we wonder how to follow its trail while still being honest to all we are

and faithful to all we've created and built.

It can be scary 

to talk about these ideas with people we love most, as we are afraid of frightening them;

to imagine a life, or lifestyle, different from the one we currently enjoy.

Someone to talk with, who knows how to keep confidences, who knows how to ask the right questions,

who only wants you to find your own answers,

might be just what you need right now to connect your deepest sense of self

with the gift of life that is yours to lead.