RePair Your Not-for-Profit:

Growth & Transformation

Your mission matters.

You've got so much that is going right, right now.

But you've got a problem, one whose solution can't be seen from your perspective.

Let's talk.

Mission-driven work, understandably, can keep us in the weeds, with our nose to the grindstone,

part of whatever metaphor keeps us on the immediate needs we are serving

and prevents us from partaking of the larger perspective.

That's how we pair.

I listen to your dreams and hear your frustrations.

Maybe you're in the beta phase, but want to become the alpha in your sector;

Maybe you have the right vision, but need to bring along donors and board members;

Maybe you need interim Executive Leadership while planning for the long term;

Maybe you need to pivot based on new realities, but are confused by too many choices;

Maybe it's none of these, and something entirely new.

Whatever it is, it is uniquely yours, as will be any solution.

That's how we combine your mission with my experience in the not-for-profit world,

and find new paths towards your better future.