RePair Your Relationships:

Generational Support for Family Offices

What Tolstoy missed is that every family has its own way,

whether times are happy or sad.

Families who work together,

families who engage in philanthropy,

face their own sets of challenges and opportunities.

Every family office is a unique space.

Engagement in the world shows our family values,

how we talk about impacting the world shows our family values,

how we learn to discuss wealth and privilege shows our family values.

And none of us should do this on our own.

For over two decades, I've sat with families through life's triumphs and tribulations,

when waters were calm, and when seas were stormy.

We pair when I help your family find the perspective of generations,

when I help each generation not only feel actively involved and heard,

but actively sharing and letting other generations fill important roles.

I help your family find its own balance, its own way, its own path,

and ensure your relationships are strong, durable, honest, and loving.